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The first DAO art marketplace and PoD shop

Over the past decade, the crypto-community has refined the concept of decentralized governance. Talis Protocol connects the physical artistic world to the BlockChain universe, transparently, to seamlessly invite even the less technophile artists into web3.

Until now, all the incursions of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) technology in art were dedicated to speculation over digital art pieces’ value. Talis is the first artist-centered platform, to ensure they get their fair share and to protect their interests.

Crypto-currencies’ world gets more mature every day. It is crucial now to facilitate the entrance of this universe to profane users. By using the eco-system Terra and all its native features, Talis opens a new way to use NFT, certificates of authenticity for either physical or digital art-pieces.

Besides the possibility for the artists to sell their art, digital or physical, Talis’ platform supports direct link with Printing Businesses (PB). The list of PB, as well as the list of artists, are curated by the artists and the community. This allows the rise of a Print on Demand decentralized network, self-governed, self-sufficient and diverse enough to meet the expectations of all the actors involved : artists, amateurs and customers.

Talis doesn’t aim at profit. It only keeps a negligible fee to maintain its sustainability, the rest of the earnings is split between the artist and the PB.

NFT also allows the artist to follow the life cycle of their art pieces. That feature makes it possible for them to include a royalties rate during the creation of the NFT, which will automatically be transferred to the artist’s wallet when subsidiary sales occur.

NFT allowing the authentication of an art-piece, it is essential to offer a way to restore copyrights and ownership when a fraud is committed.

As a matter of fact, Web2’s PoD platforms are facing hordes of fraudsters, stealing and exploiting digital artists’ work. It is extremely difficult for those artists to assert their rights when such a situation occurs : the fraudster, the artist and the platform could be from three different countries. In that case, legal action has close to no impact and the only action the platform can take is to close the fraudulent account and the associated pages, without offering compensation to the artist.

In order to sort that problem, Talis allows artists to file a complaint to taLISA, the justice court, when their art is being misused. That court, artist governed, decentralized, restores by democratic consensus the authorship of the art as well as the last week’s worth of earnings generated by that particular NFT.

Besides those features, thought to secure, remunerate and empower artists, Talis includes several other advantages : the possibility to rent exploitation rights to an investor, a way to reserve tokens to make them grow, quick change of tokens into fiat, access to a saving account at >15% interest, to mention the most important.

In summary, Talis wishes to :
  • Be the meeting point between customers, artists and printing businesses.
  • Offer economic and artistic freedom to the actors of the art world.
  • Allow the automatic payment of royalties fees.
  • Provide a compensatory solution, in terms of authorship, to the thefts of digital art and their fraudulent exploitation.
  • Offer a way to rent the exploitation rights of a reproducible work and thus allow copycats to have a legit alternative to theft.
  • Allow artists to get the most out of their art, through a free, commissionless platform, secured by decentralization, and offering income transfer facilities.
  • Witness the blooming of new artists and build their reputation.